Skylark Species Champion

img-1789.jpgNeil joined forces with a group of seven wildlife organisations to stand up for the skylark as part of the MP Species Champion Project, and is working to bring political support to the protection and promotion of this threatened species.

Admired through the ages for their ethereal song, the skylark (Alauda arvensis) appears in the both music and literature. As well as heralding the dawn, the skylark was also prized for the table. Skylarks are still widespread in our countryside, breeding on most open habitats, from saltmarsh to moorland, with the majority on lowland farmland.

Skylarks nest on the ground in grass or cereal crops. Populations here have declined because of changes to the way the landscape is farmed. The switch from hay to silage and to winter instead of spring cereals have helped improve yields but impact heavily on skylark and other species. Consequently, the skylark is now on the Red list of UK Birds of Conservation Concern.

For more information visit the project website.