Neil is the founder of Modern Europe, a UK-based think tank and policy network which in the wake of the EU referendum decision recognises that “we cannot turn our backs on Europe – we are part of Europe.” It seeks to identify the issues facing Britain as it ends its membership of the EU and debates its future relationship with the wider world. Modern Europe believes that the country’s immediate and long-term national interest requires Britain to forge a positive relationship with our European partners and to play an active leadership role in shaping the development of Europe. In years to come another generation may well want to forge a new relationship from the pieces left behind from the 45 years of British membership (1973- 2018) with the EU and so no bridges should be burnt.

There will be six initial strands to Modern Europe’s research and events:

  1. Analysing the benefits to Britain and Europe of the UK’s relationship with our European partners.
  2. Identifying the best strategy to maximise British influence within the wider world.
  3. Developing detailed proposals for the continued reform of the European Union as an outward-looking, modernising force in global politics and economics.
  4. Charting power shifts in the international economic and political systems, and exploring the challenges and choices they pose for the UK and our partners in the European Union.
  5. Researching the potential economic and political costs to the UK of our future departure from the European Union and scrutinising in detail the possible alternatives for the UK to membership of the EU.
  6. Providing a programme of seminars for university students with an interest in participating in building our future relationships with our European partners.

Modern Europe operates through a combination of research, published initially in electronic form, and seminars and speaker meetings, devoted to the above six themes.