In Neil’s new book, readers are taken through the key challenges facing the economy and society in the 21st century, acquainted with the public policies and structures underpinning ongoing reforms, and introduced to ideas to create an education system capable of delivering an innovative, fair, competitive and resilient economy for the decades to come.

Progressive, Productive, Proper: A New Reform Agenda for Education will be published in Spring 2018.


Neil’s other publications include:

From MAFF to DEFRA – a policy changing journey for Agriculture, Journal of the Institute of Agricultural Management, Vol. 12, No. 10, 2006

Conservatives and Localism, New Local Government Network, 2007

Who Governs the Governors? (with Edward Wild), Wild Search, 2011

Stronger Boards, Better Education (with Edward Wild), Wild Search

Building Better Boards; An Opportunity for Education (with Edward Wild), Wild Search